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Consider the Image is committed to supporting the creation of timeless images through a platform for like-minded artists, who respect and celebrate women of all shapes, sizes, and colors in commercial and editorial imagery, including photographers, makeup and hair talent, agencies, art directors, and studios. We connect them to ensure responsible practices throughout the image making process, influencing fine art, media, and advertising around the world.

Consider the Image is committed to supporting image making in a way that respects all members of the creative process. We believe in diversity of bodies and ideas, and are responsible with regard to a model’s shape, skin color, and age. We celebrate the best things in fashion—beauty, creativity, innovation—and avoid dulling them with extreme alterations. We know that image makers tell compelling stories, and we strive to maintain what’s interesting about a model, a product, or a photo. We work with empathy, intersectionality, and a global perspective, and are thoughtful about how images affect the world. We’re transparent in what we do, and how we talk about it.

By providing an accessible network of conversations and resources, we hope to bring about change.

Consider the Image is a project of Feather Creative, a women-owned post-production studio in New York. It was born from countless conversations with clients, discussing the changing style of retouching, increased collaboration between the creatives and their post-production studio, the shifting tides in fashion photography, and the powerful role of women in the field.

Feather Creative was founded seven years ago in New York—by way of San Francisco and Dubai—by Linn Edwards and Salma Khalil.

In 2016, we joined entrepreneur Sarah Krasley as founding members and advisors of the Retouchers Accord, a social impact project that we have rolled into the mission of Consider the Image. We’re thrilled to carry the torch of standardizing mindful, inclusive, female-focused image making.



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LINN EDWARDS - Cofounder, Consider the Image & Feather Creative

"As a retoucher, every image that passes through our studio takes on many considerations: how do we stay true this individual’s beauty and personality? In a broader perspective, how do we respect and elevate how women are portrayed in fashion photography?

I’m interested in bringing these and other questions regarding image making into the larger conversation. Since retouching can be a somewhat veiled process, largely associated by the consumer market with Photoshop fails or FaceTune, I’m excited about bringing transparency to the process." 


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SALMA KHALIL - Cofounder, Consider the Image & Feather Creative

"When I started studying photography, the magic happened for me in the darkroom. I loved making a print more than I ever loved the act of shooting a photograph. There is something so satisfying about the visceral experience of seeing a moment come to life on the page in front of you. Naturally, this led me to a career in post production.

As we transitioned into the digital darkroom and the ease and ubiquity of image manipulation proliferated, questions naturally arose: how far is too far? What defines beauty? Why is it necessary to remove a mole or permanent mark to create an iconic image? How do we portray women responsibly, while nurturing creativity and fantasy? How we consider these questions is very important, especially today, and I am so happy to see a shift toward a respect for the women’s bodies, in all its forms."


Advisory Board Members

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“My mission is to empower the predominantly female workforce within the fashion industry and to help them deliver clothing that fits a diverse range of bodies – so all people feel good about the way they look. The industry can never deliver on that last piece if most of the images consumers see defy reality. There is unequivocal proof that overly retouched images feed negative body image, particularly in young women and girls, setting unavailable expectations for the brands who wish to dress them.

Within the past two years of working on and founding this project, I’ve learned that this issue isn’t black and white. We are at a moment in our culture where “fake” and “real” are based on personal interpretation and we’re sliding down a slippery slope. journalistic vigor, clarity, and accountability are in jeopardy in our print media, but also in the stories pictures tell. I’m excited to engage with this issue as it relates to body image and inclusivity within Consider the Image, and more broadly as a citizen.”


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LARRY HESS - Director of Archiving, Great Bowery

"In my position at Trunk Archive I in am constant contact with a large volume and variety of images all throughout my day. I have to consistently monitor the shifts in visual trends and keep track of what our artists are producing in response to these.

Working in this sector of the fashion/beauty/photography industry I have seen a shift towards a more natural form of beauty in recent years. While this is encouraging, I feel that it could easily descend into just another trend unless the industry gets together to understand the effects of our output. I believe that unrealistic representations of beauty in the name of “aspiration” or “luxury” can be damaging to society at large. I am glad to be a part of a group of like-minded people who are interested in proliferating that point of view."





"We have to keep realness in imagery, we're in a society that is so quick to want to 'fix' imperfections and realistically that's part of what is killing imagery and advertising. An image must draw you in and capture your attention. Story telling visually is being lost and we need to get back to the truth and organic qualities in the narrative." 




“I am always conscious of the work I create, and how it may impact the person viewing it. I decided years ago that I didn’t want to perpetuate the same destructive beauty standards that damaged me when I was growing up. It’s my goal to create imagery that will empower, and inspire the people viewing them. I hope that through creating inclusive imagery, we can all learn to celebrate the things that make us unique and different.

I am personally motivated to be part of Consider the Image because I want to align myself with creatives who believe in the responsibility we have to be conscious of the type of imagery we release into the world.”



David slijper - Photographer

Internationally renowned fashion photographer David Slijper has photographed some of the most famous people in the world - Beyoncé, Matt Damon, Natalie Portman, Scarlett Johansson and Kanye West – for influential fashion publications including i-D, Dazed & Confused, Harper's Bazaar, W Magazine and US, British, French, Chinese, Japanese and Italian Vogue. 

Originally from Yorkshire, now residing in New York, David has earned a reputation for his clean aesthetic, refined color palette and sophisticated approach to composition and is in high demand both from his A–list subjects and brands including Barneys, Burberry, Zegna,  L’Oreal, Rimmel, Swarovski, Tommy Hilfiger, YSL Homme and Calvin Klein.  He understands the beauty industry inside out, and has developed a rare gift for exploring the parameters of his art.


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emma mcclendon - Associate Curator of Costume, The Museum at FIT

"I consider the impact images have on how we view, treat, and judge our own bodies, as well as how we view, treat, and judge the bodies of others. I also consider how museum displays can play a role in validating certain body types at the expense of others.

I am motivated to be part of Consider the Image because I think it's important for museums and educational institutions to be part of the conversation."


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Currently a senior photo editor at Refinery29, Mary concepts, commissions, produces and art directs editorial beauty and entertainment features.

Mary graduated from Vassar College with a major in Sociology, focusing predominantly on gender representation in pop culture. She made her way into editorial photography through internships at Food Network Magazine and InStyle, then as photo assistant at Lucky Magazine, assistant and associate photo editor at Teen Vogue.


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"As a mother and a female entrepreneur advocate, I believe its important to create a more "authentic" experience in the world that we interact with. As the ‘grown ups’ in the room, we have the voice and control to make the changes we need for the future generation of girls and teenagers."